Autumn 2 in Year 3

Dear children, all adults in year 3 are so impressed by your everyday effort and hard work, throughout what can only be called a very strange time! But, we made it… TOGETHER!

We had many special days this term, including Odd Socks Day for Anti-Bullying week, Remembrance Day, Diwali, Hanukkah and of course the Christmas celebrations. We all enjoyed eating our yummy Christmas dinner in the hall, while listening to Christmas tunes, pulling crackers and interacting with our friends. Also, we have been very excited to wear our Christmas jumpers (twice!) and decorate the tree.

The children have been immersed in their learning-this term !

Particular highlights include writing their recount texts in English talking about their best experience ever, excellent understanding they’ve shown in Multiplication and Division, exploring our Dreams and Goals in PSHCE and learning how Advent is celebrated around the world.

In Art, we have been introduced to Observational drawing. We learnt more about the work of Karina Eibatova and Ester Roi. We had the opportunity to feel and observe precious stones and crystals (e.g. amethyst) and draw some in our books using contrasting colours.

In Science, we investigated Forces and Magnets. We learnt that a force is a push or a pull acting on an object. We continued by exploring Friction, using different surfaces sliding or trying to slide across each other. The children showed fantastic understanding that friction slows down the object. We developed our skills in working scientifically using practical work to answer questions.

We’ve all enjoyed learning Russian this term (Harasho) and we’re looking forward to learning Korean, next term. Luckily, we have Miss Abraham to help us!

Mrs. Valean and Miss Abraham wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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