Autumn 2 in Year 2!

Autumn 2 in Year 2!

This term has been an exciting term full of curiosity, enthusiasm and increased independence. We have been so proud to see the children settle more into to Year 2 and grow in confidence.

We have been so proud of how well all of Year 2 have engaged with Google classroom. So many children are completing weekly homework tasks on this platform and it is lovely to see.

Our language of the term has been Romanian. The children were very lucky to have Miss Farcas deliver a session with them about Romanian phrases and culture.

In November, we celebrated Anti-Bullying week. To mark this important occasion, we all came in wearing odd socks! We all made pledges to show kindness and enjoyed celebrating our differences!

In Geography, Year 2 went on an exciting Global Voyage! The children explored an atlas and globe to locate continents, oceans and the equator. We explored physical and human features of the world as well as the impact of human activity.

In our English lessons, we read an information text about Italy. We found out about the location, climate, languages and tourist attractions. As a class we have been writing an information text about Australia. After the holidays, the children will complete an information text on China.

In Maths, we completed all of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). It has been lovely to see the children make connections between each of the operations.

In Science, we completed a really exciting experiment testing the suitability of materials to protect an egg. The children were very excited to hear the story about ‘The Egg that wanted to Fly’ by Mini Grey. The children recorded their results, ensured we made the test fair and then thought about ways we could improve our experiment.

We have also been very creative this term. In Design and Technology, the children used their plans and research from Autumn 1 to make their own Chinese tea cup. They used clay to make their pinch pots, painted and decorated them and then glazed them to create a high quality finish. In Art, the children have explored Fauvism and Cubism. The children have developed their continuous line drawing, changing the tone of water colours and creating our own abstract piece of Art.

In PSHCE, we have been setting Dreams and Goals. We linked this learning with our super heroes ‘Piotr Persistence’ and ‘Hope’. The children have a range of strategies to use to help them to keep going to achieve their dreams and goals.

In RE, the children have been learning about roles and responsibilities of religious leaders. We explored festivals such as Harvest and Sukkot. We then moved on to look at sacred symbols in Judaism.

We have been so impressed with the amount of progress your children have made this term.

Well done to all of the children in Year 2. We wish you a safe, relaxing Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Best wishes,

Team Year 2

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