Autumn 2 in Year 1

Autumn 2 in Year 1

This half term Maple and Mulberry Class have both been working incredibly hard in all their lessons. Miss White and Miss Turner have been amazed with the progress they have made and cannot wait to see more next term.


In our phonics lessons we have moved on to clusters. We have worked hard when adding sound buttons, as we now need to start putting our clusters into boxes!


This half term we have worked on our Handa’s Surprise unit. We were able to taste different fruits (even some we didn’t like), retell the story and then write our own version called ‘Miss White’s Surprise’ where all of the teachers stole her fruit!


In our Maths lessons we have been learning about the numbers 8-15 and worked really hard on our number bonds.


We have been looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy in our art lessons this half term. First we re-created his work using images, leaves and petals. Then, we went outside to create our own versions of his nature-inspired work.


In Science we have been finishing our unit on Materials and their properties. Our favourite lesson was when we went outside to bury some materials in an experiment and see what happened to them over time. We have more recently started our unit on Animals and we have loved classifying them in our groups and can’t wait to finish the unit when we are back.


We have had our first ever History lesson this half term and we have started looking at our local area in the past! We have really enjoyed exploring images and other sources that tell us more about the history of Watford.

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