Autumn 1 in Year 6

Chestnut Class

The first half term in Chestnut class has been memorable; I have loved to get to know my new class. We have laughed together, we have played together and most of it all, we have learnt loads together. Here are some of the highlights:


In English, we have had the chance to work on three different units:

  • ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’. We created chalk and ink drawings using those quotes from the book that we liked the most. We also discussed persistence and bravery, which are key themes throughout the book and one of our school values. 
  • ‘The door’. Inspired by an extract from “The Hobbit” by J.R.R Tolkien, we worked on a creative piece of descriptive writing. The children were given a mysterious door and they had to decide themselves what was behind it.
  • ‘Alternative endings’. Inspired by ‘Revolting Rhymes” by Roald Dahl, the children invented their own alternative ending to the classic “Goldilocks and the three Bears”. Needless to say they were hilarious!


In Maths, we have been revisiting the main four operations. We have just finished with multiplication. We did struggle a little bit a first – time tables knowledge is key!!!- but the children have made incredible progress!  


We have been learning about Electricity. We built multiples circuits, varying the components of it and watched the effects of it.


In Art, we drew our own portraits inspired by the artist Lynnete Yiadome-Boakye. A British painter and writer who is best-known for the enigmatic portraits. I think ours are just as good as hers!!


In History, we have been learning about Slavery. It has been a delicate topic but the children have shown incredible maturity. They have been inquisitive without being insensitive.

Non-uniform day:

The children filled up their marbled jar because they continuously showed pro-social behaviours that we love to celebrate at Central. Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, playing together nicely, being focused and listening, contributing, trying their hardest and making exceptional progress within lessons! I am sure this was only the first one of many more rewards to come! 🙂 

Oak Class

This first half term at Central has been a fantastic one for Year 6. We began this year with welcome week which gave the children an opportunity to settle back into the routine of school, feel safe and enjoy being with their peers again. We have begun our preparation for SATS and are happy with the progress the children are making at this stage. It’s also been a very practical half term with the children getting stuck into two design and technology projects. Our freedom bunting, inspired by the freedom quilts made by slaves in the 1800’s, were a huge success and gave the children an opportunity to refine their sewing skills. The puppet project is also in full swing with the puppet heads fully formed; next half term the children will construct the bodies, make their clothes and learn how to move them. It has been a delight to spend our days with so many happy children, excited to be back at school. Bring on the rest of the year!

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