Autumn 1 in Year 3

What a start to the year!  After such a long time away from school the teachers were so impressed with how well the children settled back into the school routine and by their attiutude to learning.  A massive thank you needs to go to the parents who have supported their children and the school at these challenging times.


Our whole school English project based on the wonderful book ‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’ was a great way to start the year, as it gave us so much opportunity to think about wellbeing, friendship and caring about others.  The Year 3 children produced some beautiful  art work inspired by the book, as well as shape poems about Kindness.

For our first English unit, the children wrote their own explanation texts using key features which included paragraphs, subheadings, and an introduction and conclusion. The children in Avocado class composed fantastic non-fiction texts explaining the process of paper being made, while the children in Ash and Apple reimaged how technology would work if it were in fact powered by animals. Thought you knew how a motorbike worked? Think again!

In our final week of Autumn 1, we explored haiku poems and the children enjoyed the challenge of keeping to the syllable rule when writing their own.


The children have further developed their knowledge of place value this term and applied this understanding to addition and subtraction. The children have learnt a range of different strategies to solve problems using the two operations, including use of concrete resources, the pictorial method, and number lines.


In History, we began our chronological learning journey with changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. The children had many thoughtful ideas about whether it would have been better to have lived in the Stone Age or the Iron Age. In RE, we compared core values in Islam and Christianity by looking at scripture and religious stories. The children reflected on the challenges of living out values such as forgiveness is everyday life.

The Science of Light was a fascinating topic, in which children had the opportunity to explore how light behaves including reflection, shadows, UV rays and how we see things. Children were able to learn through carrying out scientific investigations and experiments ( for example, they used torches to see how shadows change size or how light is reflected).

In Computing, children used their oracy skills to express their understanding of Software and Hardware, to explain functions of different parts of a computer and digital viruses. They worked with success in pairs, showing great teamwork skills.

In Art, we explored the work of the famous mosaic artist Hildreth Meiere and used paper pieces to mimic patters.

At Central Primary School we value different places or birth and culture of children and families. This term, year 3 children were introduced to greetings, colours and common phrases in Russian, as our language of the term. Some children showed a massive interest in practicing and using the language of the term throughout the day.

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