Autumn 1 in Year 1

We have had a lovely start to the school year in Year 1.  


We have worked very hard in Phonics with our Phase 3 and 5 sounds. We have added sound buttons to help us read, used our Freddy fingers to help us spell out words, and writing interesting sentences using all of these great sounds. 


In English this half term we have read a wide variety of books including The Little Red Hen and We’re Going On a Bear Hunt. We read the stories and learnt to retell both using actions and sounds. We sequenced the stories, created stick puppet characters and then used our knowledge to write sections of the stories. 


We have been making the numbers 1-7 this half term. We spent a week on each number, learning how to represent them using our Maths resources and building up our knowledge of number bonds. 


Pop Art and the work of Roy Lichtenstein was our focus in art this half term. We looked at making marks, naming the primary and secondary colours, using Ben Day dots and creating our own explosive artwork using the techniques we learnt. 


In Geography we have been learning about places in Watford. We went on a virtual walk through the town centre and recognised and noted down all the places we saw. We then made a string map of the trip. 

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