Autumn 1 in Willow Class

Autumn 1 in Willow Class 

After our relaxing summer break, Year 5 has gotten back to work with enthusiasm and persistence. Our English started with us researching an inspirational character, a famous suffragette called Emily Davison. Pupils were able to gather information about her and finally creating their own biographies, detailing her life. We had extremely fruitful discussions around her actions and the effects she had on her society. 

We continued English with an inspirational narrative of the Three Brothers, a traditional tale presented in Harry Potter. Pupils were eager to create their own multifaceted characters and think of the connection between their personalities and the wishes they would ask for themselves. Character description and setting description were at the centre of this English unit, as well as beginning to create more complex sentence structures. 

Willow class has consolidated their learning of place value, addition and subtraction in Maths. Everyone has worked hard during the lessons, encouraging others and sharing their knowledge. Mental Maths has helped a lot of pupils to come up with faster, more efficient ways to solve calculations in their heads. 

Our Geography unit has taken us all around Europe, where we have focused on its countries and capital cities. We deepened our knowledge by introducing time zones and how they link to the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. In addition, we learned a lot about using an atlas to locate specific places. Pupils were working closely with their partner, using precise oracy and sharing their ideas with the others. 

Our Art lessons have been a favourite for many, as we have explored the works of Hannah Hoch, a mixed media artist known for her photomontages. The children have practiced making their own backgrounds with various different textures, such as sand and bubble wrap and using colours to represent emotions. After this, they created their photomontages on top of their chosen background. 

In Willow, we find it important to stretch our legs and have regular breaks so we can continue learning with a fresher mind. Brain breaks and movement moments are a regular part of our days and pupils have been excited about them, telling us how it helps them to concentrate on the following lessons. 


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