Art week at Central

Last week was Art week at Central. All years produced some lovely work and the children loved getting hands on, learning new creative skills. As a school we all created our own hearts that represented who is important to us. Then each year group had a few additional activities, one linking to an illustrator and others teaching them new interesting skills.

In Early Years children created their own minibeast inspired by author and illustrator Eric Carle. They created large pieces of painted paper, cut them into different shapes and created their minibeasts using collage.

In Year 1 we looked at the work of Oliver Jeffers. We copied his illustrations from Lost and Found and then, linking to our Geography unit, drew dinosaurs in the same style. We also used our fine motor skills to create felt beads and tassels which we will create bunting with.

Year 2 have been completing their Arts Award Discover. They started by creating their own booklets, then moved on to exploring different types of Creative Arts. Then they looked at the illustrator Axcel Scheffler and drew their own Gruffalo’s. They then created pom poms and portraits of famous women they had looked at during their History lessons.

Year 3 painted some lovely fabric using a glue resist technique they will be using for their Indian Shadow puppets in Art. They then looked at the illustrator Jim Field and made their own squabbling squirrels.

In Year 4 the children explored the work of illustrator and author Chris Mould. They drew their own Iron Man and then went on to create their own incredible Iron Giants using recycled materials. They then created Aztec sun stones using clay and drew their own interesting designs.

Year 5 began their Arts Award Discover during art week and started by making their own booklets. They then created self-portraits inspired by the cover of their Guided Reading book ‘Wonder’. Next they moved on to creating some lovely work inspired by Chris Riddell. Then they created their own beautiful handmade felt artwork using felt tops, inspired by the British landscape.

In Year 6, the children created their own bowls using leave impressions in clay. They then used sponge techniques to make their bowls look more realistic. Next, they explored the work of Kiyohiko Azuma. They drew they own setting and used acetate and marker pens to create their own Manga character.  

Forest class created their own wonderful hearts and pom poms during art week and then moved on to looking at illustrator Jim Field. They then created their own glue resist work using the same techniques as Year 3.

We can’t wait to display all of the wonderful work the children have created and will be having an exhibition in the hall for the children to visit over the next few weeks with their classes. 

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