Art in Year 4

Through their study of the botanical work of artist Marianne North, Year 4 Beam and Beech class have increased their skills and confidence in looking closely at flowers or leaves, discerning tone and lines and translating what they have noticed into observational drawings using appropriate pencils and newly gained shading techniques. 
Exploration of wet on wet and wet on dry watercolour techniques has helped them bring colour to their observations, in preparation for their final piece which combines a pencil sketch with watercolour in an original work of art. 
The children have also worked in pairs to give each other feedback to enhance and perfect their work . ….and the teachers’ work has not been exempt from the critique of these rapidly budding artists! They are rapidly turning into reflective artists who are able to discern whether they have succeeded in applying a technique effectively and/ or whether they have used appropriate pencils or paint brushes for achieving the desired effects. Sticky notes for recording ideas or changes made during a task, as well as designated time for formal reflection after completion of their work of art have helped encourage this type of thinking. 
Miss Khatun and Miss Rieger are looking forward to seeing many more stunning pieces of art next term, and confidently expect their students efforts to far outshine their own.  

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