Affirmation Cards in Beam Class

It has been raining affirmation cards in Beam class! Ever since Central Primary initiated its new system of celebrating positive and pro-social behaviours and attitudes of which we would love to see more, Beam class have been dedicating the first slot of our morning to applauding children for kindness, perseverance, curiosity, excellent listening, focus, respect, oracy skills  and so many more wonderful qualities. 

Initially, it was only the teachers who wrote the cards, but this week, Beam’s students have started writing their own affirmation cards for each other– upon their very own request! This shows how they are noticing the positive behaviours and wonderful attitudes of their peers, and allows us to celebrate each other in an even  richer way than before.

Well done to all those who have received a card so far, and thank you to those of you who have written affirmation cards for your peers!

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