A week in Year 3

Year 3 have absolutely loved our current English unit – discussion texts – and we have been blown away by how confidently they have been challenging gender stereotypes. We’ve hot-seated Julian and Nana from ‘Julian is a Mermaid’ and role-played different scenarios to better understand their motivations and feelings as characters. We’ve explored identity and the concept of your ‘true self’ which the children thoughtfully applied to the issues with gendered clothing. We’ve considered the positives and problems with how clothes are organised in shops. These quotes from the children speak for themselves:

“We need a children’s section because this could be for both.”

“We thought everything could be for everybody. This dress is probably made for girls but some boys might like it too, like Colin, and maybe people who aren’t a boy or a girl.”

Our model text asks ‘Should uniform be gender neutral?’ Central’s very own gender neutral uniform formed the perfect context for this. The children’s opinions have been so wonderfully inclusive:

Finally, the children applied their ideas for their own text, ‘Should shops have gendered clothes sections?’ We were extremely impressed by how the children clearly justified their own opinions and showed understanding of opposing views. Through discussion of arguments for and against they became all the more adamant that ‘anyone can wear anything they like, regardless of gender.’ 

In Maths, we explored Position and Direction. In this lesson, we used directional language when moving and giving instruction for someone else to move. We worked in pairs to help Wally find his missing objects and also challenged our partner to move following the instructions given (using the 8 cardinal points and directional language).

We continued learning about Time. Year 3 children were first introduced to Calendars, when we worked on the Months of the year and how many days are in each month. Moreover, we learnt the concept of a ‘Leap year’, which occurs every four years and adds one extra day in a calendar year. Thereafter, we learnt about units of time and how can we measure the time. We are now experts in Reading Roman Numerals on the clock and we know how to use the clock to help us work out the time.

In Science, children were engrossed in the world of Rocks. We compared and grouped together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties. After grouping the rocks, the children took a closer look at the different types of rock describing them in more detail.  

In Computing, Year 3 continue to expand their digital communication knowledge gained previously. As a first introductory lesson, Year 3 children gathered a list of online messaging platforms and other fascinating ways we have to communicate, write and express our opinion online. We will continue to learn more about blogs.

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