A Fantastic Half Term in Pear Class

In Year 2, this autumn term has been one filled with a multitude of emotions, experiences and lots of new learning. After a quick settling period and getting to know each other, we’ve started our new adventure as part of Pear Class.

We started our English units by writing an ‘All about me’ text, in which we shared information about our family, school, likes and dislikes. 

In PSHCE, our focus was to understand the rights and responsibilities we all have as a member of our class, to express our hopes and fears for the year and find out how to manage feelings, but also to understand the links between choices and consequences

Our Science unit linked amazingly with the Information text we wrote about ‘Materials and their uses’. We identified and compared the suitability of a variety of everyday materials by carrying out an experiment called ‘Egg drop’. We were able to explain why some materials are used for certain purposes due to their properties.



In Computing , we continued studying appropriate and inappropriate online environments. We are now confident to explain why we should not share personal information with people we don’t know and trust, including those online. We were introduce to SID, the online super protector, who helped us identify online behaviours.


At the end of last week, we had the great opportunity to demonstrate how significant and fundamental languages are at Central Primary School. During a live video conference, Pear Class had lots of questions to ask regarding the school day in Germany, but they also shared relevant information about a day in school at Central.

 Here is a photo and lovely words written by Cagla Yuksel, their teacher.

Personal encounters contribute to mutual understanding and rapprochement. Especially in today’s world, it is immensely important to break down barriers and prejudices and ideally not to build them up at all. In a video conversation between Pear Class of  Central Primary School and Class 5b of the Klosterfeld Grundschule in Berlin, Germany, we took a step in this direction: questions about everyday school life, subjects, rules and rituals showed children’s curiosity and openness. It is important to encourage this in future.”


Looking forward to another similar experience and many more exciting things to happen until the end of term in Pear Class.

Thank you.



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