A day in Year 6

A day in Year 6

Part 1

In Year 6, our day is packed with loads of learning!

When children first come in, they wash their hands and settle down working on a series of fluency questions ready on the board. The children do this while registration happens. This is why is so important to be in time!

After this, our main Maths topic starts. This week has been Ratio and Proportion – a topic that is very specific to Year 6 and that children have never seen before. However, it does uses concepts and knowledge that children are very familiar with like parts and wholes and multiplication facts!

English comes after Maths. We start with a little bit of Grammar. We have looked at informal and formal language this week. In these lessons, we learned how the audience of our writing will determine the register of our language. We also learned about different degrees of formality and switching from a formal to an informal tone and vice versa.

For our main topic in English, we have started our Instructions unit. The children will write up a set of instructions to make a puppet head. They have actually made the puppet head themselves, so the writing of it should be easy-peasy!

Part 2

After two hard-working hours, the children have break time!

Once break is finished, children come back to class, wash their hands and again, settle down again to their spellings. This week we have reviewed the sound ‘ough’ using sound buttons – something children are very familiar with in Year 1 and Year 2 but that is just as important further up! Some words were unfamiliar, so we helped with some visuals!

In Guided Reading, we have started our new book ‘The Final Raven’ a historical fiction story full of magic, knights and a mysterious plague in modern London. We have also looked into some history to give children a little bit more context and a broader understanding of the story by looking at Beefeaters and The Tower of London.

Part 3

At this point of the day, the children are craving another break! Football and Basketball are our favourites.

Part 4

Our afternoon starts with PSCHE. Before the Easter holidays we began our new topic: Relationships. This week, we reflected about ‘Love and Loss’. It was very moving to see how mature the children were when talking about loss and grief and the different stages that people go through when they experience loss. We also talked about how people cope with sadness and strategies that they could use if they ever feel overwhelmed with sadness.

Our last session of the day goes to Science, which is normally a double session. In our last lesson, we looked at the anatomy of a flower and on this week’s lesson, we concentrated on pattern seeking. We went outdoors to our little garden and answered a few ‘big questions’. This allows us to focus on our working scientifically skills.

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