A day in Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 week!
Second week after Easter and we can proudly say, our children in Year 4 are happy and having the best time at school while learning. This week, we have looked at a variety of new concepts where our pupils have enjoyed and participated extraordinarily well in the lessons. Do you want to know what we have been up to?
Our musical Mondays are the best way to start the week. We enjoy our 30 minutes of Music lesson practising rhythm within the song “heno, heno, hen plant bach” a beautiful lullaby in Welsh. We identify notes, where it becomes faster and how the music makes us feel. Soon after, we travelled to South Africa with our fantastic teacher Mr Mkondor who taught us a popular African dance with Wellies: the rhytm, percussion and the music was incredible, and it allowed the entire classroom (including Mr Perulero) to be engaged in this amazing dance.
Environment is priority for the children at the moment and I am sure it will be for ever as we learned how our habitat can change and what we can do to keep our environment alive; ideas such as recycling, reusing, grown our own vegetables, walking when possible were some of the ideas that everyone agreed, what an amazing lesson we had in Science. Did you think that was all? You should have seen our History lesson, we travelled in time all the way back to the Aztecs in 1428 where we introduced one of the earliest civilizations in America: who were the Aztecs? Where did they come from? What was like to be in this time? What did they do? Where did they settle?… These were only some of the questions that we answered and now our little ones know the answer for each of them.
The afternoons with RE and PSHE were filled with fascinating learning. We continued looking at Hinduism, more specifically the art and architecture of the worship place analysing every single detail. In PSHE, our pupils reflected on the people or animal they loved the most and unfortunately, they left us, we analysed feelings and how we can deal with these feelings.
Last but not least, this week brought so much happiness and joy to our children, we finally started mixing between Years groups and they could not be happier to get to talk to their friends in the other class after longer than a year, We enjoy the main playground with both Year 4 playing football, basketballs, some even practised some athletics. What a feeling to see them together again!

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