A Day in Reception

Acorns and Conkers love coming to school everyday. As soon as the gate is opened at 8:40 the children run into school to see their friends and start their busy fingers!

Next, we do the morning routine which includes oracy and the book of the week! This week we have been looking ‘Walking through the Jungle.’ We have loved acting this story out, sequencing the story, writing sentences and talking about the book! See some of the pictures below of children’s fantastic art work based on this book!

Then, it’s skills time and we love to play inside but we especially enjoy seeing our friends in the other class. We love digging to find treasure in the mud, making sand castles and being adventurous on the outdoor equipment.

We then take part in Maths where we have been learning about money. We have looked at where we spend money and the different values of the coins. We have practiced buying items with coins in the outside ‘shop’. Ask us at home about the different coins!

We then have lunch time where we enjoy eating and socialising with each other We make sure to drink lots of water to stay healthy.

After lunch we do Phonics or handwriting! We love learning new sounds. We love to use whiteboards to practice writing and sound buttoning words.
Then we have another long skills time. This week we have been looking at planting. We each planted some seeds in a cup and placed a picture of ourselves on the cup. We can’t wait for the plants to grow as it will look like we have funny hair!

To finish the day we love to sing songs, read and talk about what we have achieved that day. We look very tired at the end of such busy days!

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