A Day in Nursery

The daily routine for nursery children provides a wide variety of stimulating activities designed to promote and broaden all key aspects of a child’s development.

Nursery children have become independent in self-care and manage to hang their coats on their pegs and put their lunchboxes on the shelf independently on arrival.

Every morning, children start the day with a carousel of fine motor skills activities called busy fingers. This week we worked on building pincer strength by placing pegs on hedgehogs.

We start our morning sessions by placing our names in the wagons of the train. Children choose the wagon they want to ride in and recognise the number on the wagon. After, we count how many children are in our family groups, followed by the ‘Good Morning’ song.

To develop our fluency in Maths, we count from 0-10 using our fingers. We have been learning about positional language! Children have shown an interest in insects, so we used a worm picture as stimulus to brainstorm positional words. I modelled positional language and most of the children were able to use it in sentences. ‘In, on, under, next to, behind, in front’ is the positional language we focused on. We had a lot of fun using the class bunny to demonstrate and children were encouraged to answer the question ‘Where is bunny?’ Children had the opportunity to have a turn in demonstrating the positional language. I taught the children the Makaton sign for positional language for ‘in, on, under.’ They also enjoyed demonstrating ‘in front and behind.’

In skills time we introduced the remote control cars to practise positional language. Children were shown how to switch the cars on and how to control them by pressing the forward and backward buttons on the remote, to control which way the car should go. Outdoors we set up a simple obstacle course to practise in skills time.

For English we are reading the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr. We tried to predict what might happen in the story by using the pictures for clues. We used our retrieving skills to answer some questions about the story, for example: Can you remember the little girl’s name? What did they have to eat at their afternoon tea? We tried to predict what Tiger will do after the story has ended. Children had a lot of fun making Tiger using playdough.

It has been an amazing feeling to watch children investigate the natural world in our outdoor area. We observed them exploring the bug hotel, playing and finding out about mini beasts. They enjoyed chatting about what they have found, exploring new language and engaging in, and enjoying what they have set out to do.

Children have been practising numbers by counting the legs on the bugs or recognising colours on bugs under the outdoor magnifying glass while talking about the characteristics of each bug, and also making of links to their past knowledge.

It has been another fantastic week in Nursery.

Parents and carers can consolidate the above learning at home:

  • Describe where something is, using the appropriate positional language: in, on, under, above, behind, on, next to ….
  • Make predictions about books e.g. What do you think will happen next?
  • Count up to 10 – beyond if they are able – stairs to bedroom, number of bananas in a bunch, number of teddy bears in a basket…
  • Go on a mini beast hunt and see what you can see. Remember, to share pictures on Twitter and Tapestry.
  • Try some busy finger activities eg. using tweezers and dried pasta.

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