A connection between mind, soul and heart

I was sitting in the living room looking through the window, it was cloudy after a few weeks with the nicest weather in UK, pondering on the events over the last weeks, and wondering what soothing words I could use to comfort families without repeating the same advice we all know and have heard over and over again, and suddenly my eyes watched the image of an icon of the Virgin of Rocio I brought from Spain last summer. This Virgin of Rocio is an iconic of Andalusia in the south of Spain and millions of people around the world go on pilgrimage once a year by May. The history of El Rocío as a place of devotion dates to the 13th century, when a hunter is said to have discovered a statue of the Virgin Mary in a tree in the marshlands that form the delta of the Guadalquivir river. A small hermitage was built there, at the crossroads of several ancient roads.

This image has a spiritual value for me and my family as it has stayed with us every day in our life protecting and supporting us in every step we take. Positiveness, patience persistence and fairness is what we find in this icon. When we feel overwhelmed and can´t find a way out, we always find it with her through a pray. In times when unfortunately, we went through a terrible illness in the family, she heard our prays and gave us the warm and care we needed. We find peace, joy and hope everywhere we go as long as we have her. Thus, I needed it in England with me.

Spirituality is commonly linked to a religious feeling; however, it also has another different and parallel context. Rather than religion, spirituality is a deep connection with the mind and soul in a person. Therefore, everyone can have a spirit experience through a piece of art, music or even a well-expressed thought written or spoken in a splendid and illuminating way. I hope this time we can find moments to reflect on “what really matters“ in life and find the spirituality to feel grateful, strong, loved and cared.

I am aware of how anxious and difficult this time is at the moment for everyone. Parents, you are making an extraordinary effort to keep your child´s learning ongoing and that is something the teachers are deeply proud of. We believe homeschooling is way much difficult because it is impossible to have the same routines and rules, all members in the house feel anxious as we spend too much time inside when the sunshine is outside which might get under our skin and that is why we take our hats off to all of you. I´d like to suggest to take as many breaks as you need to avoid putting more pressure on your shoulders and breathe.

The world is fighting an unknown battle. A battle that does not require violence, but unity and patience whilst at home. We seem we are split and away from each other, but I believe we are even closer than ever because each one of us is doing the best for the society when following the Government’s guidance. Thank you all for keeping the hard work day in and out. Together, we will get through this situation.

Be positive, patient and persistence.

Javier Perulero

Hermitage of Virgin of Rocío in Huelva (Spain)


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