Beam’s Back

Back from half term and our children have arrived with their batteries charged. During this week, Beam have started new and thrilling units and books. Our mornings are filled with loving and emotional events from the book “The butterfly lion”.  Our predictions and comprehension questions about the first chapters are hooking our children in and now they love every second we read this amazing book.

Following on from last half term, we have continued working on narratives and have listened well to the story of Theseus and Minotaur. The class took notes and drew an incredible and very detailed story map that will help them to map out the story and identify the different parts and eventually write the story. Following on from this, we have made links to our History where Beam has began their journey learning about Ancient Greece.  Children have identified the Ancient Greece Period on a timeline and discussed some of the different stages within the period. This enabled our children to understand  that within a period, that society goes through a variety of stages.

In Computing, Beam class dived into a new unit about media: “Editing images”. We have only had one lesson but the enthusiasm shown during the 45 minutes was breathtaking. We looked at the meaning of an “edited image” and the reason why we decide to edit images. We developed the concept of “cropping” without even having a laptop, they cut pictures in square shapes to focus on what they really wanted and removed what they didn’t want from the picture.

Our PE unit is all about Rounders and we have practised our catching, throwing and racing all in one simple game where the childen showed excellent skills as well as team work and hard work.

The week has been highlighted with two stars of the week for their friendship, kindness and confidence. Beam Class is more than a classroom, it is a safe place for everyone in Year 4 where the school values are shown at all times, where children love to come in the morning with a BEAM on their faces and where every second is an opportunity to learn, it is a place where books take children to an adventure, where diversity and respect are always shown… 

I am looking forward to this half term and seeing what the future has in store for our pupils.

Mr Perulero

Year 4 Teacher





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