100 Days Celebration

Today we celebrated 100 days and dressed up in pink, red or hearts to fund raised for Homestart.

All the teachers had planned special activities in their classroom. Have a look what happened around the school today.


It’s Valentine’s week and the children have been learning about different ways we show love to our family and friends. They have enjoyed making cards, bracelets and chocolate covered sprinkles for their loved ones. Have a wonderful half term!

Year 3

It comes as no surprise, time flies like an arrow… It has been officially 100 days in school since we started in Year 3 and we celebrated this day HOPING, hoping to become a better person, be kinder, help those who need more help and many other ideas. Apple class analyse the word HOPE and we carefully though what we really hope. There are many wonderful ideas, and you can see here some of them. Apple class and Year 3 hope for the best in their lives.

In Year 4:

Today, to commemorate 100 days, Year 4 discussed what “Hope” means to them. We learned about Greta Thunberg and how hope drives her actions to call world leaders to action in the battle against pollution and climate change, and the link between persistence and hope.
We then worked on our individual “brick of hope”, showing a hope we have. On the back of the brick, noted down steps we could take, no matter how small, to make our hope and dreams become a reality.
Our bricks will be displayed on the Beam class wall, as a reminder to us all for the rest of the school year that hope drives change, and that we can  all make change happen.

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