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The governing body is made up of elected parent representatives, local community members and staff.

Below is the current membership of Central’s Governing Body.



 Full Governing Body Attendance

Committee Attendance

Term of Office

Kay Richards Chair of Governors  100%  100% Term of Office: September 2018 – September 2022
Andy Harries

Vice-Chair of Governors



Term of Office: July 2015 – June 2019

Solomon Brown Parent Governor 100% 100% Term of Office: September 2018 – September 2022
Clare Murphy Parent Governor  100%  100% Term of Office: September 2018 – September 2022
Vacancy Community Governor  –  – Term of Office:
 Mark Emmerson Community Governor  60%  80% Term of Office: November 2015 – November 2019
 Val Ward  Staff Governor  100%  100% Term of Office: June 2016 – June 2020
 Beth Taylor  Staff Governor  100%  100% Term of Office: June 2018 – June 2022
 John Mynott  Head Teacher  100%  100% Term of Office September 2018 – September 2022

Governor Profiles

Below are some profiles of our governors. No Governors have roles in other schools.

Kay Richards (Term of Office 2018 – 2022)

Kay is an Educational Pyschologist and works in Hertfordshire.

I am one of the parent governors at Central Primary School.  I have two children, both at Central Primary. I wanted to be a parent governor so that I could offer the ‘parent voice’ in decisions which affect all of our children throughout the school.  In my job, I have a lot of experience of working with with children and young people with special educational needs and I thought this might also be useful to other members of the governing body.  Since becoming a parent governor I have enjoyed hearing more about how the school works and how decisions are made. This year I’m really looking forwards to helping the school to continue with the excellent support it provides in our community.

I am currently Chair of Governors

Kay does not have any registered interests.

Andy Harries (Term of Office 2015 – 2019)

I’m Andy Harries, and I’m the vice-chair of governors at Central Primary School. I applied to join the governing body at Central in early 2011 as I wanted to give something back to the community, and through a charity called the School Governors One Stop Shop: I was matched with a vacancy at Central. Through my job I have a good knowledge of finance, managing suppliers and delivering large projects, and I thought these would be good skills to bring to a governing body to help with their work.

I was chair of governors for Central Primary from October 2012 to October 2014 when I became vice-Chair. I currently chair the General and Finance Committee.

Andy does not have any registered interests.

Solomon Brown (Term of Office 2018 – 2022)

My name is Solomon Brown NS I put my name forward to become a parent governor as I wanted to help the children at Central Primary receive the best education available. I am keen to assist the school and governing body thrive by helping anyway I can and having two children at Central Primary gives me a personal interest and I believe it is always good to have a parents voice on the governing body.

I have previously worked for a London local authority, and in the financial sector as an emergency planning and business continuity manager. I am now working for the NHS and find the job rewarding as it is about helping to work through unexpected events that can occur and will use all of my skills gained over the years to help the excellent staff at Central Primary.

Solomon does not have any registered interests.

Mark Emmerson (Term of Office 2015 – 2019)

I have 13 years experience as a control and restraint instructor within the Prison service working with people who’s ages ranged from 8 years old to 85. I have undertaken the role of Governor on the Finance and General purposes committee since September 2015 and have been an active member of the PSA since my daughter joined the school. I am just starting in my term as a Governor however I feel that I the ability to assist in putting Central primary into the forefront of our community within my role In the future.

Mark does not have any registered interests.

Clare Murphy (Term of Office 2018 – 2022)

My Name is Clare Murphy and I am one of the Parent governors at Central Primary School.

I have two children that attend Central Primary School. I have always admired the teaching and learning that takes place at the school. being a governor gives me the opportunity to contribute my time to assist the leadership team.

I have worked in further education and training for over 20 years. I have experience in assessing and verification, plus planning, reviewing and evaluation.

I am enjoying the role as Parent Governor and learning the processes that are involved in running a successful school and I look forward to learning more and supporting the school now and in the future.

Clare does not have any registered interests.



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